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The Roland family started the winery in 2018 and immediately became a popular hang out for both young and old. The wine began to win awards and respect in the wine community. But the main reason why we make wine is to share it with our friends and family. We desire to bring people together so they can have a place to celebrate all of life's experiences.

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Relationships Are Everything

Roland Wines first and foremost is a place where people can come together to share ideas and life experiences with each other. We make wine because wine is an essential part of the enjoyment of food and fellowship. It enhances our ability to connect with each other. The Roland family believes that we can do great thing in our community if we will get to know each other and accept each other as friends no matter how different we are. We want to be a business that cares about people. It is not enough to sell wines unless we can somehow make you feel welcome through our hospitality. We feel successful if we can provide a place for the community to come together to celebrate all of life's experiences


Roland Winery is the most unique and exciting venue in Cowlitz County. The venue is intimate and inviting. You will not find a more accommodating and flexible staff anywhere. We can handle groups as small as 8 up to 60. Summer events can be larger if our outside courtyard used.

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A family affair

Marc Roland
Owner + Winemaker 

Marc Roland is the founder and winemaker at Roland Wines. His diverse background has shaped his life around the idea of relationships. Marc was a pastor and teacher for most of his life. He has a deep spirituality that is centered on the life of Jesus. His heroes are Martin Luther King, Jr, and Thomas Merton. They have been life mentors through their teaching of inner peace and outward action. Marc has a Master's degree in educational technology. Most of his teaching career was working with incarcerated and at-risk youth.

Winemaking was an outlet for a stressful life. He started making wine in 1998 as a hobbyist and when he won best of show at the Newport Wine and Seafood Festival, he was encouraged to start a small commercial winery.

Marc has never stopped growing his ideas and sharing them with others. He writes for the Columbia River Reader and has been published in the Cowlitz County Historical Quarterly. He is sought out as an inspirational speaker where he teaches about wine, entrepreneurship, and quality of life. Call 360-846-7304 to schedule.



Nancy Roland
Owner + keeper of the vision 

Nancy Roland is the soul of Roland Wines. Her attention to detail and desire to express quality in every aspect of the operation is both appreciated and feared. Nancy is a retired elementary teacher and now devotes much of her time to her grandchildren. Nancy was instrumental in the  establishment of the school garden movement in Longview, Washington. She started Northlake Elementary school garden, which has now become a thriving non-profit called Lower Columbia School Gardens. She is greatly respected in the community and she was the one who attracted most of our customer through her vast network of friends. She is a skilled chef and hostess. It is in her DNA to make every experience at the winery memorable.



Zak Roland

Owner + Assistant Winemaker 

Zak Roland brings a diverse background of experience to bear on every facet of the winery. He is a trained chef, a master builder, and philosophical thinker. Zak can cut through almost all the data fog around us and point us in the right direction. He created the space at the winery using his building skills and creativity. Zak has a good palette and helps with the winemaking duties. He is married to Emily and has three children who all are part of the cellar rat team.



India Thompson

Host + Wine club manager 

India is a multi-talented powerhouse who does about every thing at the winery. If wine needs bottling or people need attending, she is to the rescue. Our customers love the way she make them feel with her positive attitude and hugs for all that need them. She manages our growing wine clubs and help in the kitchen. Her goal is to create a venue for events that everyone will want to come. India is planning to do wedding receptions, engagement parties, even small wedding. She is excited for her future which includes further study in business management.


Ezra Thompson

Food and Wine

Ezra is our go-to person for everything. He is learning all aspects of the business and is the right-hand man for Zak. Ezra has a great sense of humor keeping everyone in the kitchen entertained. He is full of creativity and as a child created the La Chanson label. His smile is contagious. He is vegan and loves to spice things up much to the dismay of Zak, some would say, too spicy! But some of our customers insist on asking for the 'Ezra special' which isn't on the menu. He has a super palate for tasting wine and participates in wine evaluation.


Alice Roland


Alice our newest team member. She is a very talented young lady who loves her books and wants to publish her first novel before she graduates. Alice seamlessly works alongside her dad in the kitchen, and she is learning all things Roland.

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