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For the first time in 8 years we are expanding our wine club to include new members. The original purpose of the N.Y.F club (Not Yet Famous)was to partner with our wine community to raise capital for grape purchases to grow our business. In exchange, members receive a case of our best wine in the future along with immediate discounts.

Our  change of location has brought success that we never dreamed possible, but it has also caused a greater demand to make more wine, and as a result, we need to crush more grapes. We want you to have a stake in our success. That’s where you come in.

Here’s a sampling of what you get:

  • Exclusive access to club-members-only releases. We make a special wine only available to our members
  • Invitation to club-members-only release events hosted by Marc and Nancy Roland.
  • Free wine tastings for you and a friend
  • 20% off everyday for bottles of wine
  • For those who live out of the area, we will ship the wine to you at a significant discount.
  • You will be guaranteed to get our new releases before the general public, if there is any left for them.

You provide the needed capital for us to purchase more grapes in 2016 so we can grow together to make Roland Wines bigger and better than ever. You get to be a part of our success. You will get a case of fabulous wine and be an exclusive member. There are no extra fees, just a case of wine at retail price($350), discounts throughout the year, and you will be an investor in your own local winery.

You sign up and immediately begin to get 20% discounts on bottles of Roland Wines. You also will get two Roland Signature Riedel wine glasses and you will be invited to special N.Y.F. barrel tastings and wine release events. The wine will be delivered at a special release event in 2017.


Be a part of something special… Support your local winery. Join the fun!

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