Wine loves good company

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  If I have learned one thing in the wine business, it is that the best wine pairing is the company it keeps. Much is written about wine and food, wine ratings, wine tasting, and wine accessories, but little on the relationships of wine. Most of us don’t really think about why we enjoy wine. […]

The Joy of Harvest

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  I woke up late at night, not able to sleep, heart pounding in anticipation of t he upcoming grape harvest. It may seem strange to most of our readers that someone so far from the vineyards of Eastern Washington would have such things on their mind. But believe it or not, most of the […]


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  I first met Joel McNelly, co-founder of Capstone Cellars, at Esther Shore Park in Vancouver, Washington. He was pouring wine at a wine festival. Joel was very animated and excited to share his knowledge with me. As our conversation ended, he offered to sell me a small wine barrel and advised me to not […]

There’s Still Time

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  Hello everybody, It’s time to renew your N.Y.F. (not yet famous) membership or join as a new member. A warm welcome to our new members so far: Bob and Pat Reistroffer, LeeRoy and Melissa Parcel, Gary Lindstrom, Stacy Dalgarno, Odine and Michael Husemoen, Daniel Compton, and Tom and Peggy Renaud. Thank you so much […]

Wine Pairing Made Simple

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  How to Navigate food and wine pairing: The question of what wine and foods go together is confusing for most of us because there is so much contradictory information out there. I spend a lot of time reading food and wine magazines because I believe that food and wine go together and food without […]

Rosé Rising

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A few years ago my wife and our two oldest grandchildren went to France and one of our first stops was the little village of Antibes on the Mediterranean. It was one of the best vacations of my life. I remember touching down in Nice and listening to the Dave Matthews song ‘You And I” […]

Wine Tasting: Do’s and Don’ts

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One of my first experiences wine tasting was when my Mom and Dad took us to Chateau St. Michelle 30 years ago. Was I ever surprises to see how massive an operation it was and I can remember how impressed I was with all the stainless steel, hoses, and barrels all glistening and pretty. It […]