Opportunity Knocks

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We are in a major growth spirt. This is good news for our enterprise. However, growth has a downside. We need to raise capital to get to the next level. I have invested a ton of money to get us to this place. People tell me everyday how much they appreciate the winery and tasting room. Here is an example of what people are saying,

We were lucky to start our relationship with Roland wines at an LCC event when we met Marc and Nancy. The wines are wonderful . . .enjoyable to explore and exciting to discover. Very quaffable and now we buy by the case since a few bottles are never enough! My husband enjoys the Dolcetto while I am drawn to the reds with their layers of flavors. It is always fun to experience the new releases as Marc and Nancy always have great events that are full of great wine, food and conversation!”
– Lisa Matye Edwards

To raise capital for growth, we have considered many different option. We have thought about our values as a business and have decided to rally our friends and fans to help us, rather than dealing with institutions. So we are asking you to consider two ways that you can get involved.

First, quit one of your current wine clubs and join Roland Wines N.Y.F. (not yet famous) wine club. If you don’t belong to a wine club, now is your chance. This is the first time in 8 years that we have opened it to new members. Join at the winery or online at www.rolandwines.com

Second, We are seeking $50,000 to buy some new equipment and grapes for the 2016 harvest. We are offering a limited opportunity for several individuals to invest in something that has value and growth potential right here in Longview. We will offer a competitive return on investment each year and you will be a part of our success. I don’t know about you, but I have been less than satisfied with most of my investments. Is there risk? Yes, but not much because we have great wine and it is selling out! Call me at 360-846-7304 for details

No matter how this fund drive goes, we will continue to bring you great wine and experiences right here in Longview. We only hope that we can extend this experience to more friends in the future. Thank you so much. Marc

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