Foggy Notion Red and White Wines

Foggy Notion wines are an homage to my father who owned a boat called The Foggy Notion. He kept the boat in Puget Sound where the waters are often covered in a blanket of fog. The wines are a attempt to create wine that is affordable and delicious. My dad was no gourmet and he even liked his red wine chilled., but he did like wine that tasted good and didn’t break the bank!

The grapes are sourced from quality vineyards in Washington state such as Desert Wind and Red Willow. These are non-vintage wines which give us the flexibility to blend wines from different years. The Red wines you are drinking now are made from syrah blended with a bit of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. It is tasty and smooth, with rich flavors of cherry, spice, and black current.

The white wine is a pinot grigio, crisp and fruity, very refreshing.

Dad taught my family that great ideas start as a ‘notion’ foggy at first but developed through action and perseverance. That is what Foggy Notion wine is all about

Foggy Notion Red (release in early 2020)

Foggy Notion White (pinot gris) 

Apple and pear flavors with a crisp acidity. Drink everyday

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